Tips for Healthy Lifestyle for Young Children

Most teenagers think that diseases will come when they are old. Actually, such thoughts are a big mistake because of illness, will not look at who the person is, and regardless of age. Teenage is a golden age of searching for a very pleasant identity.

When a teenager is sure someone will be more productive and do various things. Doing work every day, traveling every day. But with that moment it will not feel tired or tired. Very few teenagers who care about their health because of various bad habits such as smoking and drinking liquor seem to have been considered to be something normal for them. Indeed, the impact of these bad habits will have an impact on the long term. When you are old, you will experience various health problems, so you need to keep healthy in your teens.

Tips for Healthy Living at a Young Age / Youth

On this occasion, we have tips to stay healthy in adolescence. Here are the tips


1. Conduct Healthy Activities

Conduct healthy activities by exercising regularly and abandoning any unhealthy habits, such as drinking habits, smoking and taking drugs. These bad habits need to be avoided to prevent the occurrence of dangerous diseases later.

2. Inviting the Brain to Exercise

Not a few Indonesian teenagers who have Alzheimer's or early senility. This is because the brain is not sharpened properly. Sharpening the brain or inviting the brain to exercise can be done by filling in crossword puzzles, answering questions during lessons, trying to solve problems, and reading books that are liked

3. Maintain Weight

A body that is too fat or called obesity will certainly pose a threat to health. Because the body is fat or too fat will be more susceptible to all types of deadly diseases, such as heart disease, stroke and so on.

4. Control your diet

Eating foods that contain high calories every day, if not balanced with sufficient activity can have an impact on the quality of body health.

5. Meet Vitamin D and Calcium Intake

To prevent bone loss or osteoporosis can be done by fulfilling the need for vitamin D and calcium intake. This can be done by eating green vegetables, drinking milk, and being exposed to sunlight in the morning.

6. Don't Dry the Body in the Sun.

Drying the body in the morning and being exposed to the sun is very good for health. However, doing so during the day when the sun will definitely have a bad impact on health. Blazing sunshine contains free radicals such as UV rays if exposed to direct sunlight without using protection such as sunscreens it will cause skin cancer.

7. Meet Omega 3 intake and fatty acids

Omega 3 and fatty acids are found in many types of fish, such as tuna, cod, and salmon. Adequate these needs can prevent the occurrence of deadly diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

A disease will not look at who the person is and regardless of age. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain health by doing healthy habits. Hopefully, the article about tips to stay healthy in this teenage age is useful!

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