5 Symptoms of Brain Cancer that are often overlooked


Symptoms of brain cancer are very difficult to recognize because the symptoms are almost the same as other ailments. Therefore, most people like to ignore these symptoms and are late in handling them early. If left unchecked, a tumor that attacks the brain can be very malignant and difficult to handle.
So it is very important for us to recognize the symptoms of brain cancer so that the tumor does not spread widely. If the cancer is already severe, many serious disorders that will be caused, such as brain function is not going well, the body's function will not run normally, suffer from early dementia and many more.
Here we collect symptoms of brain cancer that are often overlooked. If you experience symptoms like this, you should immediately go to a specialist.

1. A headache

General headaches can be experienced by anyone. Then what about the characteristics of brain cancer headaches? Several features of headaches indicate symptoms of brain cancer. Like a headache is very great and continuous, feel headaches when you wake up in the morning and then vomiting.

If a headache is less normal than usual, the best way is to check with a doctor and maybe do a CT scan.

2. Vomiting

The characteristic of vomiting that is a sign of a brain tumor is that it occurs suddenly in the morning without any nausea, and is followed by headaches. Vomiting is also abnormal, usually green. This is because there are nerves in the brain that are disturbed by brain tumors.

3. Frequent convulsions

Symptoms of brain cancer are usually characterized by sudden seizures, loss of control of the body, biting of the tongue, and after-effects are headaches, confusion, and numbness.
Seizures are caused by brain function that does not go well. Motor activity in the brain does not run normally so that the body's nerve cells that are connected to the brain will experience interference.

4. Moving abnormally

According to research, people with brain cancer usually have difficulty moving. This is because the tumor will limit the function of the brain to move the body. As a result, walking likes to be unbalanced, often tripping and suddenly leaning against the wall.

5. Mental health is disturbed

Tumors can also cause the brain not to run optimally which affects mental health. The characteristics of mental changes due to brain cancer are memory loss, behavior changes, difficulty remembering things and difficult concentration.
The best way to deal with all these symptoms is to immediately go to a specialist to check further. With early treatment, brain tumors will be easily tamed.

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