Care Tips, Cutting and Hairstyles for Healthy Women

Feathers or hair are important parts that grow in human skin. In addition to the health of the body, for the world of beauty, hair or hair is a part of the concern, both for men and women. For women themselves, hair is often lied to as a beauty crown, then becomes a supporter of facial beauty, while feathers can be another.

Some hairs sometimes grow on the hands, feet, or armpits, hairs that exist. This one hair is in the area of the intimate organ and needs to be kept clean. Some sources of information say, to do a treatment on this hair is quite easy, which is enough to clean it regularly with soap and keep it long. However, as said above, women may prefer to immediately trim, shave, or pull out and clean.

Reporting from the Health page, Gynecologist Donnica Moore, MD revealed that this pubic hair grows to protect very sensitive skin areas. Therefore, in the 2016 BMJ journal, it was stated that there is more hair growing in the female area so it will get better. That way, the need for irritation becomes more measurable.

But besides cleanliness, maintaining neatness also needs to be considered. Because the longer or thicker, the higher the likelihood of lice. What's more, this area is playing moist and warm.

Dr. Moore added women make it possible to continue to take good care of them by maintaining their level of splendor. The solution is to cut, and not cut out or pull out or wax. Because this can also help reduce the potential for bacterial breeding.

For a healthy hairstyle, there doesn't have to be special styles or styles. The point is not too thick and stays neat and can be cleaned. Dr. Moore also said that the way to cut a good hair is that it is trimmed little by little, can use a comb by cutting or pinching it with a finger and then cutting it, like cutting a split head's hair.

Make sure it doesn't exist anymore, doesn't affect your comfort to make itchy or certain areas of Miss V moist. Perform maintenance routinely ordered.

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