Can Minus Eyes be Transmitted through Glasses when Used by Children?

Minus eye is a condition, where people who experience it sometimes require wearing special glasses to help see objects, read, or do other work activities. Well, for those who have children, sometimes this child is fad trying and wearing it because of curiosity or want to look different. This kind of thing happens, not infrequently by parents because parents don't accidentally put glasses on, unconscious, or forget for a moment when watching a child.

Then, what if this happens, is it safe? According to Zoraya Ariefia Ferrante, an Ophthalmologist from SILC Lasik Center stated that parents should not need to panic or worry too much, as long as their children wear minus glasses only occasionally or only for a short time.

Moreover, minus glasses are optical devices that when used by someone will tend to make the eyes uncomfortable, even for those who are already minus. So if a child with healthy eyes wears it, maybe he won't hold it or can cry immediately, so he wants to immediately release his glasses.

However, if the child has been wearing it for a long time and feels fine, it might not hurt if you check it with an ophthalmologist. Thus, concerns can be immediately found answers or solutions.

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